What is a pillowcase dress?

Pillowcase Dress

Other than the ribbon, this dress is made completely out of recycled materials! A used pillowcase! I often purchase my pillowcases from Goodwill, wash them, and turn them into dresses. I am reusing the pillowcase and giving money to a good cause. Sometimes I can't find a pattern or color I like in pillowcases: this is where my pillowcase style dresses come in. They are made from  fabrics I  use for my other creations.


For the neckline on my designs I gather or pleat the top. My most recent favorite is the double pleat!

For Every Pillowcase Dress Sold I Will Send One To Little Dresses For Africa!

"Little Dresses for Africa is a humanitarian project that distributes little dresses made of pillowcases, throughout Africa, to plant in the hearts of little girls that they are worthy. These dresses go in as little Ambassadors to honor and encourage the little girls who have so little."


Each time you purchase a pillowcase or pillowcase style dress from my shop, I will donate a little dress to LDFA. For more information or to donate to Little Dresses for Africa visit their website: www.littledressesforafrica.org!

Pillowcase Style Dress